Konecranes Lifttrucks to supply to Rauma Stevedoring in Finland

Konecranes has in February 2008 received an order for two reach stackers and four fork lift trucks from terminal operator Oy Rauma Stevedoring Ltd in Finland. Rauma Stevedoring is an old customer of Konecranes and already has 32 Konecranes lift trucks of different models and with varying capacities in its fleet. The ordered equipment will be delivered during 2008. The value of the order is not disclosed.

Rauma Stevedoring was aquired late 2007 by Babcock & Brown Infrastructrues from Finnish forest products group UPM Kymmene. This lifted Rauma Stevedoring to a key player under the BBI umbrella, enabling the port to offer all it’s services to the complete range of customers in the Finnish forest industry.

Increasing container traffic has made the Port of Rauma today the fourth largest container port in Finland. In 2007 traffic increased 40 % to 170,000 TEUs, and the estimate for 2008 is 185,000 TEUs. Paper handling is also continuously increasing in the port, and today the port of Rauma is the largest paper exporting harbor in Finland. Paper is exported both as break bulk as well as containerized.

“Rauma Stevedoring’s decision to choose Konecranes equipment confirms that large customers with extremely demanding, round the clock operations appreciate more than just the good performance and high quality of our machines,” says Patrik Starck, Sales Manager, Lift trucks, Konecranes. ”It also shows that our well-developed service network meets the requirements of professional terminal operators and ensures high uptime for their trucks.”

“This type of project demonstrates that Konecranes is a forerunner in offering inventive solutions for demanding applications,” says Mikael Andersson, Product Manager at Konecranes Lifttrucks in Markaryd, Sweden.

The ordered Konecranes reach stackers are for container handling. They have a lifting capacity of 45 metric tons and can stack five containers high. The forklift trucks are specially equipped for handling paper rolls. As paper rolls are very delicate and easily damaged, Konecranes has in close cooperation with the customer developed a computer-based system to improve the handling of paper rolls. When the lift truck is moving paper rolls, the system ensures that the rolls are lowered evenly to the ground, to prevent them from getting damaged. This technology means considerable savings for customers.

The main advantage of this type of forklifts in paper handling is that the paper rolls can be driven from the ports warehouses directly to the vessel side elevator, with only a single clamping of the paper roll. Less clamping equals less possible roll damage.

Another benefit is that small separate paper orders are easier to gather from separate warehouses around the port. One operator can take care of these orders, instead of the old system where the forklift was always accompanied with a tractor – trailer set.

According to Rauma Stevedorings Workshop Manager Petri Viinikkala, the unique mode of paper handling developed by Rauma Stevedoring has brought the roll damage in the port down to a minimum with much more operational flexibility as a bonus.

This is new technology for fork lift trucks utilizing components that were originally used by the aircraft industry. Increased usage of the components has made them commercially accessible to other applications.

At the heart of the system is a programmable microprocessor, which is programmed by an external computer. Sensors collect operational information - such as pressures, temperatures and engine rpm, transmission status, steering wheel angle, lifting mast tilt angel, lifting height, load, hydraulic pressures, running hours and fuel level – which is then sent to the processor.

An in-cab monitor displays the information collected by the various sensors. The operator accesses the information using a set of control buttons next to the display monitor. Maximum levels have been set in the system, and if these levels are exceeded a warning light comes on and an audible warning is given.

Konecranes again breaks new ground to improve quality and save costs for its customers.

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”Konecranes is supplying reach stackers and lift trucks to Rauma Stevedoring in Finland.”

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